I am getting trouble including the seperate PHP file in callback function.

add_menu_page('Keyword Analyzer', 'Keyword Analyzer', 'manage_options', 
              'keyword_analyzer_menu', 'Key_Analyzer_Groups::init');

My Key_Analyzer_Groups class has the following codes:

class Key_Analyzer_Groups {

    public static function init() {

        include_once plugin_dir_path( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . 'admin/templates/groups.php';

but if i directly include the html on the init() function then output works as expected but not with the included file.

I am sure there should be some trick to seperate the view templates. Please guide me to the right direction.

Folder Structure:

- admin
  - views
   - key-analyzer-groups.php ( Key_Analyzer_Groups CLASS )
  - templates
   - groups.php ( Holds HTML Parts )
  • is it namespaced? – ngearing Apr 19 '18 at 6:27
  • @Nath no it is not. – jogesh_pi Apr 19 '18 at 6:29
  • Does array('Key_Analyzer_Groups', 'init') work? – kero Apr 19 '18 at 7:10
  • @kero i used static method public static function init, thats why i used Key_Analyzer_Groups::init on callback. – jogesh_pi Apr 19 '18 at 7:19
  • i tried with array('Key_Analyzer_Groups', 'init') its not working. – jogesh_pi Apr 19 '18 at 7:23

Your problem is with the path you're using to include the file.

plugin_dir_path() just gets the directory of the given file/directory with a trailing slash. So if your code is here:


Then dirname( __FILE__ ) will return


So plugin_dir_path( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) will return


Which means that you are trying to include this path:


Which doesn't exist.

If you want a reliable way to get the directory for your plugin to use throughout your code, then what you should do is define a function in your root plugin file that returns the path, then use that function throughout your code:

function key_analyzer_plugin_path() {
    return plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ );

Then use that function in your other files to include:

class Key_Analyzer_Groups {
    public static function init() {
        include_once key_analyzer_plugin_path() . 'admin/templates/groups.php';

You could also tweak this approach to create a function for including files inside your plugin:

function key_analyzer_include( $file ) {
    $file = ltrim( $file, '/' );

    include plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) . $file;

Now you can use that function to include all your files by passing it a path relative to the main plugin file:

class Key_Analyzer_Groups {
    public static function init() {
        key_analyzer_include( 'admin/templates/groups.php' );

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