I was wondering if you can change "the type" of a wordpress custom post type. So: when I create a custom post type to somehow remove the post list:enter image description here and jump directly to the edit page...

I am trying to do this because I got a section on my page where arent any posts. Only one section whose content changes...enter image description here


If it is real page, which display for the end users as web page, you can play with 'page'. Basically CPT is kind of archive which means a set of posts. If the purpose of your request is for the part of page, it might be closer to term meta than page.

  • You can create a custom post type that has no archive - if the problem is there's an archive you don't want displayed. But it does sound like postmeta - or even perhaps some Customizer code - would work better than creating this content as a post of any type. – WebElaine Apr 18 '18 at 18:18

If you do not need the functionalities of a post, you could just simply create an admin menu by the add_menu_page function. In the callback function, you can write the normal php code to display and edit the title and description part. It would be a lot more convenient method.

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