I'm using Theme Twenty-seven years and am trying to control the behavior of header images / mediums for different screen resolutions / sizes.

The standard seems to only crop the image and change the aspect ratio when changing the screen to a lower resolution. Instead I want it to "zoom in", keeping the aspect ratio the same as the full screen layout. This seems to be the standard for image control panels.

I've played with a bunch of css setups, but can not seem to find the right one ...


To Solve this issue better to use javascript library imageScale();

Different options available in this(fill, best-fill, best-fit, best-fit-down).

You have to just include js file. then after using the following format for the image.

<div class="image-container">
  <img class="scale" data-scale="best-fit-down" data-align="center" src="img/example.jpg">

Now add this JavaScript code to your page.

$(function() {

The second option is to use another javascript imagefill.

<div class="container">
  <img src="myawesomeimage" />

  // image stretches to fill container

for more imageScale | imageFill

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