How can I mark a page as "no deletable" in the wordpress database? I've already seen this solution, but it requires a plugin. Is there really no way beyond a plugin?


You can make use of the filters supplied via the delete/trash functions of WordPress API: wp_trash_post and wp_delete_post:

function prevent_post_trash_delete($bool, $post){
    $posts_to_keep = [30];

    if ( isset( $post->ID ) && in_array($post->ID, $posts_to_keep) ) {
        return false;

    return $bool;

add_filter('pre_delete_post', 'prevent_post_trash_delete', 10, 2);
add_filter('pre_trash_post', 'prevent_post_trash_delete', 10, 2);

You can pass an array of IDs (so be it post, page, or any other post type) through the $posts_to_keep variable.

That way they will throw a notice when a user tries to delete them via the dashboard. You can't prevent plugins using direct SQL queries from deleting these pages.

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