Let's say that this is the comment link:


I want to do this thing:

  • Check if current page URL requesting a comment or not (have #comment-x or not).

  • If current page URL is requesting a comment get the comment id from the URL.

  • With pure PHP you can't (see this answer or this one) – kero Apr 13 '18 at 16:24
  • @kero Let me explain what I need to do, I want to make when opens a comment link get the comment id from the link to appear a popup modal of the comment content so my problem that I can't get the requested comment id, can you advise me how can get the requested comment? – Mido Apr 13 '18 at 18:12

Based on your comment, you can get the comment ID via JavaScript, and here's a sample function you can use/try:

function getCommentIdFromUrl( url ) {
    return (
        ( url && /#comment-(\d+)$/.test( url ) ) ||
        ( location.hash && /^#comment-(\d+)$/.test( location.hash ) )
    ) && RegExp.$1;

So if the URL of the current page is http://example.com/hello-world/#comment-76, getCommentIdFromUrl() would return 76.

Alternatively, you could ignore the above function and use the second expression with a variable, like so:

var comment_ID = location.hash && /^#comment-(\d+)$/.test( location.hash ) && RegExp.$1;

Hope that helps.

[EDIT] In reply to your comment on my answer, you can ignore all the above code, and use this instead:

    // Check if the current URL ends with a #comment-123, where 123 is the comment ID.
    is_comment_link = /#comment-(\d+)$/.test( location.href ),

    // Removes the #comment- portion from the URL hash, and get the comment ID.
    comment_ID = is_comment_link && location.hash.substring(9);

Or you could also use:

var is_comment_link, comment_ID;

if ( /#comment-(\d+)$/.test( location.href ) ) {
    is_comment_link = true;
    comment_ID = RegExp.$1;
  • Thank you but can you add also an if condition to check if the URL is a comment link or not? (Javascript). – Mido Apr 14 '18 at 6:41
  • I've updated the answer. Check it out. – Sally CJ Apr 14 '18 at 8:12

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