Since I use cron jobs for automation I ran into some problems with the taxonomy. Before I used the cron job, the following code used to work:

$custom_tax = array(
    "project-type" => array(
$mypost = array(
    'post_title' => $basicdata["Model"],
    'post_type' => "portfolio",
    'post_status' => "publish",
    'tax_input' => $custom_tax,
    'comment_status' => "closed"
$pid = wp_insert_post($mypost);

I know when I use cron jobs, can't use tax_input in wp_insert_post() anymore, but it should work with wp_set_post_terms(). I didn't really understand how to achieve the same thing with wp_set_post_terms() by reading the WordPress codex. Would be nice if anyone could help me...


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After some hours of further searching i found the solution:

wp_set_post_terms($pid, array("2"), "project-type");

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