I am trying to create a custom post page. I have created a gallery-post.php page inside my theme file and put the following code in it:

 * Template Name: Gallery Post
 * Template Post Type: post

As soon as I saved the file the option "Gallery Post" appeared on "Post Attributes" section of "Add Post" page. Now when I assign that template to my page I expect the post to appear empty since as you see there is nothing on the page and it is only that 6 lines but the page appears as if the template page doesn't have any effect here.

Actually at first I had some code in it pasted from single.php and when I tried to change parts of it I noticed that nothing changes so for the sake of this question I deleted everything and still as if the Default template is selected.

Am I missing something here? How come the template name appears on the "Add Post" page but this template page does nothing? Not even I add a die(); at the top of the template page.

  • Try renaming your template to single-gallery.php – disinfor Mar 29 '18 at 15:07

is the page supposed to display single posts?... then according to the WordPress Codex Docs you will have to rename your file from

gallery-post.php to single-gallery.php

Now if it is just a post-format you will have to register it in your functions.php file and see if that works.

I hope it helps.

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