I have a custom post type named Product Pages, each product page has 3 custom fields , Overview,Details , Pricing , which are links to the children of the page.

I want to display the content of each children (when custom field clicked) in a div in the parent page.

Example. Product 1

  • Overview
  • Details
  • Pricing

When i click on overview (for example) i want the content of the child page named overview(which's link i have in the custom field overview) to be displayed inside my div named "subpage-container".

I guess i need ajax and jquery, but i couldnt think a good way to do that. Any help please?

My code so far( i use Advanced Custom Fields) : single-productpages.php

<nav class="productsnav" >

<a href="<?php  the_field('overview') ?>">

<a href="<?php  the_field('details') ?>">

<a href="<?php  the_field('pricing') ?>">


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I found the solution using the load() function of jquery, simply add a click event for the clicked element and use load() to the element you want.

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