I have a blog with two categories of posts that I don't want 'mixing' with the rest of the posts for purposes of the single post navigation. I've been able to modify the next/previous for all the other posts but I'm trying to modify for these two categories.

Using the parameters of next_post_link I can set in_same_term to true. The trouble is many of these posts have multiple categories assigned. What I'm trying to do is restrict the previous / next links to only the one cateogry. So, in this case the category I'm trying to stay in is ID 152. If the current post is in 152, 12, 19 I want the next and previous link to be to a post in category 152, not 12 or 19. Limiting the term (5th parameter) to 152 didn't work. Any ideas?

Thanks Ben

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You can use the combination of in_same_term and excluded_terms. First of all, you have the ID of the category you want to display post from. Next, get all the id of the category of the post by using wp_get_post_terms

You can iterate through the returned terms and build an array of terms that you want to exclude. That should do the trick.

  • I don't think that will work. I want to display any post with category 152 as one of it's categories. It could have 152 and 12 or 152 and 17. If it does I don't want to exclude cats 12 & 17, but if I don't exclude them it will display posts with only 12 or 17. Am I missing something? I believe I understand the logic but I'm not positive.
    – panbo
    Mar 24, 2018 at 14:32

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