This is my issue: Images are not showing up whenever I use shortCodes in my pages.

I am using contact-form shortcode in my website contact page.

And I also have published a header imagen for this page and some other social icons at the bottom of the page (below the contact form)

When I preview the contact page, everything works fine. When I see the live version, the images are not showing up...

If I remove the contact-form short code, the images are shown correctly in live version.

This is the page url:


Any clue?


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    Your image source is showing up as base-64 encoded, and saying it's a gif when it's actually a jpg. I'd contact CF support since this appears to be plugin-specific. – WebElaine Mar 22 '18 at 22:12
  • Thanks WebElaine. The mistery is getting bigger.... If you get to the page in Firefox or Internet Explorer, images are shown correctly... – Gustavo Matera Mar 22 '18 at 23:23
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    I finally found out what was causing this issue: the "lazy load images" feature from my website's theme. Once I´ve disabled it, all pictures started to show up again. – Gustavo Matera Mar 26 '18 at 18:21

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