If I want to find all posts where the very first character(s) of the post text / content (ie not the title) are




How would I do so?

I tried these solutions:



but they did not work


Something like this will probably work:

$results = array();

$allPosts = get_posts('post_type=post&numberposts=-1');
foreach ($allPosts as $aPost) {
    if ( substr($aPost->post_content, 0, 1) == '<' || substr($aPost->post_content, 0, 2) == '<a' )
        $results[] = $aPost->ID;

echo "<pre>".print_r($results,true)."</pre>";

UPDATE: but you should revisit the MySQL approach in the links you provided. This php method is somewhat wasteful as it gets everything, instead of only whats needed.

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    Wouldn't it be better to do this with simple MySQL query though? Selecting all posts and looping through them isn't very efficient approach, I guess. Mar 22 '18 at 12:55
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    you're right, mysql directly would be less waste. The links in the OP were using MySQL, for the same problem, and they didn't work for him - I just did a php alternative. I'll throw up a note about that. Mar 22 '18 at 16:06

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