I've defined this permalink structure custom-post-type/taxonomy/post-name

It all works like a charm, except when it comes to pagination. When I move to page 2, it loads a post instead of the second page.

So url is: custom-post-type/taxonomy/page/2 But it changes the url and goes to: custom-post-type/other-taxonomy/one-post/2

Anyone who knows about permalink structures and pagination? Hope you can help me out.


I have defined these:

Portfolio items base: portfolio

Portfolio categories base: portfolio

I've installed Custom Post Types Permalinks and setted up portfolio url like this: /%portfolio_entries%/%postname%

If I define it like:


Pagination works, but portfolio elements aren't being displayed anymore.

Any idea how can I make %page% optional?

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I had similar issue with pagination also, but my pagination everytime redirects to 404. What I did was use standard loop but with pre_get_posts function where I defined additional paramets. Now pagination works perfectly on archive, taxonomy or search template.



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