I am currently using "Advanced Comment Form" but I am saturated with plugins and I wanted to do it with code. Can somebody help me? Thank you


You can modify the comment form. WordPress provides various hooks. See comment_form().


  • comment_form_comments_closed
  • comment_form_before
  • comment_form_must_log_in_after
  • comment_form_top
  • comment_form_logged_in_after
  • comment_form_before_fields
  • comment_form_after_fields
  • comment_form
  • comment_form_after


  • comment_form_default_fields
  • the_permalink
  • comment_form_defaults
  • comment_form_logged_in
  • comment_form_fields
  • comment_form_field_comment
  • comment_form_field_{$name}
  • comment_form_submit_button
  • comment_form_submit_field
  • Thank you very much for your response, but I am a designer, not a programmer. – Antonio López Mar 9 '18 at 17:45

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