I need to make static front page of the site. I created file front-page.php and now my site first of all loads front-page.php as I needed, but how I can connect front-page.php to for example "Home" page in WP admin panel? So client can change content of Home page in admin panel?

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    A custom page template is more suitable in this case, why don't you try that?
    – obiPlabon
    Commented Feb 16, 2018 at 18:28

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create a new template in your theme directory and call it home-page.php

Within that template place the following in at the start of the php file (remove the php tags if necessary):

* Template Name: Home Page Template

Copy and paste your code from front-page.php after these lines and save. Once that is done and there are no errors go into your admin area and you should be able to see a template available on the right hand side of the admin area when editing the home page.

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