I have this code that displays an mp3 link I have uploaded,

    <?php the_field('preview'); ?>

But I want to display it inside this shortcode where it says URL OF THE MP3 FILE;

    <?php echo do_shortcode("[sc_embed_player fileurl="URL OF THE MP3 FILE"]"); ?>

I'm having issues on doing this. Basically the short code is a play button and the the_field preview displays the mp3 link that the play button needs in order to play the mp3 link.


get_field returns a value, whereas the_field echos it. You need the value to be returned into your shortcode string so do_shortcode() can read and process it. Also you need to escape the double quotes or use single quotes on fileurl= ""

So, assuming preview is just the URL (and not a full HTML link) - I think the following should work:

<?= do_shortcode("[sc_embed_player fileurl='".get_field('preview')."']"); ?>

(If preview is a HTML link, just paste it in your original post, comment on this answer, and I'll update my answer).

Hope this helps.

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