UPDATE: I think this already may be in place, as i am able to assign icons to individual categories?

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I am trying to customize a WP theme and I need different categories to be different CSS classes.


WP Category: Articles > class="cat-1"
WP Category: Blogs > class="cat-2"
WP Category: Press Releases > class="cat-3"
WP Category: News > class="cat-4"

I need to be able to style these differently. I am familiar with HTML/CSS but unfortunately I don't know much about PHP.

Can anyone help?



If your template uses the function post_class() in it then your posts already have category-based classes applied to them in the HTML. In PHP, it often will look like this:

<article id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>" <?php post_class(); ?>>

For example, say you have a category of news, then posts that are in it will have a class of category-news among others. It also will have classes for tags as well like tag-{slug} as well.

So in your CSS you can simply use .category-news or whatever the slug of your category is.

.category-news {
   background-color: #123;

And so forth.

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