Say I have a page domain.com/jibbly_bits and domain.com/jibbly_bits/small

I'm trying to make a conditional statement where if it is a certain page or that page with a subpage after it. I've tried using just the parent slug, the parent slug with a "/" after it and also tried a wild card after it like so "/*"

The following attempts were unsuccessful.... any ideas ?

<?php if (is_page('jibbly_bits')) : ?>

<?php if (is_page('jibbly_bits/')) : ?>

<?php if (is_page('jibbly_bits/*')) : ?>

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Solved, this is what I was looking for:

<?php elseif (preg_match( '#^any-page-with-this-text-in-slug(/.+)?$#', $wp->request)) : ?>  

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