I'm trying to integrate an Android and Windows APP with my site. At this point, I am working 'offline' at my windows localhost site. Everything seems to be set up properly. I have 3 users: Wordpress admin + two others. I have set 2 membership levels - one free one paid. I need to get the level(s) for a user by his email address.

I have added the following to the theme functions.php file:

Call to http://yoursite.com/?verify=email@domain.com&secret=CHECK to 
check the membership level of a user.
function my_init_pmpro_mini_api()
  if(function_exists('pmpro_getMembershipLevelForUser') && 
     !empty($_REQUEST['verify']) && 
    if($_REQUEST['secret'] != "CHECK")
      wp_die("Invalid secret.");

      $user = get_user_by("email", str_replace(" ", "+",($_REQUEST['verify'])));
      wp_die("User not found.");

    $membership_level = pmpro_getMembershipLevelForUser();
      wp_die("Membership Level Empty");

  //user and membership level found, output json encoded membership level info;
  echo json_encode($membership_level);        

add_action('init', 'my_init_pmpro_mini_api');

The only response I get, besides for unknown user is the "Membership Level Empty". It knows that the user is valid, but it does not return anything useful.

Any pointer would be apreciated


pmpro_getMembershipLevelForUser returns membership level for current user if parameter is not specified, and it will be anonymous user with high probability (depending on how you call it).



instead of


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