We are posting a lot of content for our community (about 3 pages a day).

All the content that is being published is created in pages.

My question is this: is there any difference between 'pages' and 'posts' when it comes to volume?

Dos WP prefer posts over pages for speed or efficiency?



Both pages and posts are identical internally. Pages are posts of type page, and posts are posts of type post. It's just a column in the posts table that determines the difference.

Similarly, items in the media library are posts of type attachment, menu items in a menu are posts of type nav_menu_item, etc etc

So they're all as fast as eachother. The speed differences come when you start querying for them. E.g. Showing a list of all pages in a column will be expensive if you have 1000 pages. Likewise, the same is true of posts. I mention this because the parent page dropdown in the edit page screen will do this, and it's the one place lots of pages will rear its head as a performance problem.

My advice is to stop repurposing pages, and instead use a custom post type for your content, and a custom taxonomy to organise/structure them. There's no need to have pages that are purely to act as parents for the URL, or to group things. Thats what categories/tags/custom tax are for.

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