I'm looking to display only the top level categories from a custom post type taxonomy I've created... product-category.

I'm hoping to pull the following data into a loop:

  • Category title (the_title())
  • Category description (the_archive_description())
  • Permalink (the_permalink())
  • Thumbnail (custom field... the_field(category_thumbnail))

Could somebody point me in the right direction please.

Here's my loop:

                $loop = new WP_Query();
                while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post();
                    $myterms = get_terms( array( 'taxonomy' => 'taxonomy_name', 'parent' => 0 ) );
                    foreach( wp_get_post_terms() as $term ) { ?>
                        <div class="col-eq-height col-md-6" style="margin-bottom:30px;">
                            <div class="product">
                                <div id="thumbnail">
                                    <?php the_field('product_category_thumbnail'); ?>
                                <div id="content">
                                    <p id="title"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></p>
                    <?php }
                endwhile; ?>

I believe this has already been answered perfectly in How can I get only parent terms?.

The solution is to set 'parent' => 0 when querying terms with get_terms() or WP_Term_Query. The example from that question looked like this:

$myterms = get_terms( array( 'taxonomy' => 'taxonomy_name', 'parent' => 0 ) );

You can easily loop over the result and in it retrieve the fields you mentioned.

Hope that helps! If you need more guidance, please let me know and I can look into expanding my answer a bit.

  • Where would I exactly add the $myterms to the loop? Please see the code snippet I added to my answer. Jan 17 '18 at 16:51
  • Hmm maybe I misunderstood you. Your code loops through custom posts of the "products" type. Now you want to show all the categories of a product (the "product-category" taxonomy) inside that loop, but only the parent ones?
    – swissspidy
    Jan 17 '18 at 16:57
  • Yes, only showing the top level (parent) categories. And then just that category information. When I refer to category, I mean the custom taxonomy created for my Products CPT. Jan 17 '18 at 17:01
  • any ideas mate? Jan 17 '18 at 17:27
  • Have you tried using wp_get_post_terms( get_the_ID(), 'product-category', array( 'parent' => 0 ) );?
    – swissspidy
    Jan 17 '18 at 20:59

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