I'm developing shipping mall on WooCommerce!

My shipping mall is for AU & KR these two nations.

In AU user's shipping address edit page, they do enter first name, last name, company, address etc..

enter image description here

But in KR user's shipping address edit page, I don't want users fulfill last name field. Because Korean don't like enter self's name in two seperate field.

enter image description here

And I want to change the First name label to 'Name'.

So in short, I want to show different fields from country to country when user select country.

How can I do this? please give me some hint!.

--- these are what I did.

  1. If I change country to Korea, 'Suburb' changes to 'City' and State is hidden. So, I search source code. In class-wc-countries.php, there are some options from country to country. enter image description here

And this options are used in address-i18n.js. but, first name field / last name field don't work... Maybe, some information related with locale can be used.

enter image description here

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