I have a setup. For products, I display prices with VAT (info added in the suffix). However, I must include a net price under this price (only in single-product-view). In addition, I have products that are without a price and with them using the Call For Price plugin to display a button to send a price inquiry.

I display the net price adding:

<?php echo woocommerce_price ($ product-> get_price_excluding_tax ()); ?>

added in the template /woocommerce/single-product/price.php.

The problem is that in the case of a product without a price, I still see this value without tax (net) with the amount of 0.00. This one with VAT is deleted automatically.

How could I remove this net price in products that do not have the price indicated?

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I'd try to add a condition :

<?php if(woocommerce_price ($product-> get_price_excluding_tax ()) != '0.00') // If price is not equal to 0.00 { echo woocommerce_price ($product-> get_price_excluding_tax ()); }

Let me know if it worked !

  • Unfortunately price is still visible. Product has set no price (empty price field) and displays on product page 0,00. If I set price to 0 for product, on page I see 0,00 with VAT and 0,00 (net)
    – Pat
    Jan 15, 2018 at 13:42
  • hum... can we try with this ? <?php if( !empty(woocommerce_price ($product-> get_price_excluding_tax ()))) { echo woocommerce_price ($product-> get_price_excluding_tax ()); } ?> Jan 15, 2018 at 13:44
  • Still 0,00 is visible
    – Pat
    Jan 15, 2018 at 13:52

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