As you are aware, wp_localize_script() allows the creation of a JavaScript object from a PHP object.

So, after running the code in the example below:

wp_localize_script('my-script', 'var_name', $var);  // This works

We will end with a JavaScript variable named var_name that is accessible in the script my-script. This JavaScript variable is copied from the original PHP variable $var.

Everything is OK so far. The issue I am facing is this: I like to be able to assign var_name to a JavaScript namespace; so in the following example, inside the object namespace_name

wp_localize_script('my-script', 'namespace_name.var_name', $var); // This does not work

But I am unable to do that, and wp_localize_script() throws the following error in the web console: SyntaxError: unexpected token: '.'

Is there a way that I enable the use of wp_localize_script() with JavaScript namespaces?

Note: I am passing a name space, as I like to keep all my JavaScript data within one object, to prevent naming conflicts and reduce clutter.

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The way wp_localize_script() is supposed to be used is for that 2nd argument to be your namespace. Then you put an array as the 3rd argument for the values:

        'var_name' => $var,

Now you can access the variable in the script with namespace_name.var_name.

If you also use the namespace in your script, instead of initialising the object, retrieve the object created by WordPress (or fall back to a new object if it's missing) and add to it:

var namespace_name = window.namespace_name || {};
namespace_name.new_var = 'Hello world!';

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