I am trying to select all the posts from certain post type and term in custom taxonomy, but what ever I try gets me just the list of all the posts in certain post type

wp post list --post_type=custom-type --fields=post_name,ID

This returns all posts in cpt custom-type, but say I want to list only posts in term that has id 49, I tried

wp post list --post_type=custom-type --taxonomy=custom-tax --terms=49 --fields=post_name,ID

But again I got everything. In the documentation it says that the arguments are passed to WP_Query, but how do I do a tax_query?


Ok so wp term list custom-tax will return the correct list of terms in the taxonomy. So I need to see how to use this to my advantage...

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Assume we have a custom post type movie (slug) and a custom taxonomy cast (slug).

1) To find all movies starring Emily Watson, stored with the term slug emily-watson, we can do:

wp post list --post_type=movie --cast=emily-watson

to list all her movies.

2) To find all movies featuring Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton , stored with the term slugs elizabeth-taylor and richard-burton, we can do:

wp post list --post_type=movie --cast=elizabeth-taylor,richard-burton

We should at least get Cleopatra (1963) ;-)

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