I have a prestashop site with a WP blog inside. I'd like to use Wordpress for some contents of the site but do not wish to show it as a content of the blog, so I'd like to remove the WP folder name from the URL. The general permalink structure of WP is :


I want to skip /myblog/ if the category name is OutOfBlog so that it becomes


instead of


Using .htaccess in the site root, I've managed this rewriting, but it seems that once redirected to myblog, it ends up with myblog/OutOfBlog

Do I have to remove RewriteBase /myblog/ in my .htaccess in WP folder? Or/and should I add a function using rewrite API in my theme's function.php?

I saw this topic Change permalinks structure for specific category but I don't know how to change the home URL.

Could someone help?


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