I would like to generate a simple text report for a Wordpress instance listing:

  • Wordpress version
  • plugins installed (version and whether enabled)
  • themes and child themes installed (version and whether enabled)

I can get this information from the Dashboard, but is there a way to get it programmatically (with WP CLI, WP API or regular command line calls)?

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Using WP CLI, you can record Wordpress version using:

wp core version --extra --path="$SITEPATH" > wp-report.txt

and append a list of plugins (with status and version):

wp plugin list --path="$SITEPATH" >> wp-report.txt

and append a list of themes (with status and version) using:

wp theme list --path="$SITEPATH" >> wp-report.txt

Further reading:


WP CLI is probably the best for this:

WordPress Version:

wp core version --path="$SITEPATH" > wp-report.txt

List Plugins:

wp plugin list --path="$SITEPATH" >> wp-report.txt

List Themes:

wp theme list --path="$SITEPATH" >> wp-report.txt

(replacing $SITEPATH with the WordPress installation directory.)

Reference: https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/

  • thanks for the additional detail, I've updated my answer with these parameters
    – lofidevops
    Jan 4, 2018 at 10:11

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