I'm starting to develop Wordpress plugins, and I see that in the official Wordpress documentation, there is no default library like [Bootstrap] [1] that has all the features such as Tabs, Windows, a system of grids etc ... I'm looking for a different alternative, I'm using https://github.com/bueltge/wordpress-admin-style, but it's not a complete library.

I want to know the following:

  1. It is a good practice to add https://getbootstrap.com/ as the default library to use lso styles with all the functionalities that this Framework offers.

  2. My idea is to make free plugins and with payment support, for example on the website of https://ve.wordpress.org/plugins/ and also on http://www.codecanyon.com, how it could affect the integration of this Framework within my plugins as a basis for the styles and functionalities of fields, modal windows etc ...

I appreciate your support, thank you very much.

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    Plugin are made to manipulate datas. If you want to customise the frontend display, it's rather done with a theme. – mmm Dec 30 '17 at 16:59
  • This is to customize the fields and add features on the configuration page of my plugins on the Wordpress administrator side, not the frontend – Learning and sharing Dec 30 '17 at 17:50
  • is not really a problem, just include the framework/library files in your plugin and enqueue using wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style via the admin_enqeue_scripts hook, and you are good to go. – majick Jan 2 '18 at 2:03

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