I'm a web-developer(Html5,.net) but have never used wordpress or php.

I have a few changes to make in the pages of my website. Now, I've got the folder containing wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content.

For now I'm trying to make the changes in the downloaded wordpress website so how do I access the dashboard of wordpress?

I've installed xammp and configured the database and I can see the website being accessed properly on the localhost/website but when I try to access localhost/website/wp-admin it takes me to the developer's url (TEK Expertz developed this website initially) so when I go to localhost/website/wp-admin takes me to their(TEK Expertz) wordpress dashboard asking me for a user name or login.

Summary: Any possible way to change the content of the pages of downloaded wordpress website. P.S All pages are .php. I just need to make the text changes. Any direction in this regard will be appreciated.


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1) your username and password can be admin/admin, but you can remember it by going to: the database -> select the database -> click on the wp_users table and then enter the administrator record and update the password ( function uses md5)

Once the key has been changed go to: localhost/myweb/wp-admin/ Enter the user and the new password.

2) If your pages are in .php, you must do a process to insert the content to the WordPress database, but if you are a novice I recommend that you upload each publication one by one to Wordpress.

3) Search on Youtube: Wordpress for beginners Wordpress courses from scratch (for beginners) there is enough material for you to learn about the Wordpress administration.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult.

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