How can one embed a single file from a multi-file Github Gist on a free hosted wordpress.com site? That is, the gist has multiple files in it, for logical association, and I want to use the files individually in separate locations within the post.

I've found and read about the [gist] shortcode, as well as the related information I could find. However, I can't find a way to be explicit in the URL of the gist with a question mark, as mentioned in this Stack Overflow answer.

I've tried explicitly specifying the file and id attributes (neither of which work), as well as using the full URL, and any way to get the file parameter appended to the generated URL, without success.

  • Welcome to WordPress Development. WordPress.com topics are in general off-topic here. The gist embed isn't supported by core, yet. See #41206. So wordpress.com must be using a plugin to support this. Better ask the support on wordpress.com. Best of luck. – birgire Dec 24 '17 at 11:24