I'm building a website, and client has specific request. Open source app has .csv file providing bunch of data. They want to pull some fields from that csv and to place it in on wordpress website.

Is it possible to do something like that? They want to automate the process where I'll place the link to CSV, select which fields it will pull and then those fields are shown on the website. Also when the CSV is updated, data will also be updated.

Is it possible to something like that?

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    Yeah it's possible, but you're gonna need to be way more specific to get a useful answer. – Jacob Peattie Dec 22 '17 at 14:39

You can let the client to upload csv file. After upload you can read csv file with a php function (maybe fgetcsv) and put columns and rows to table (maybe with dataTables jQuery plugin).

If you let the user to edit table, you can use these information for create a form

After that you can use update_post_meta or another function for that.

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