I have a custom page template that I am trying to use on my WP site (version 4.9). The folder structure where I am placing my page templates are as follows.

theme-root (/wp-content/themes/mytheme/)
            |-index.php etc...

When all of the template files are placed up one level in theme-root/landing I can see the template in the page attributes box on the admin screen when editing the page. When it is placed inside the template-name folder it doesn't show up. I have a plugin to clear the file cache so the problem isn't from the caching of files. It is structured this way because the site uses multiple page templates.

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In WP 3.4 they allowed adding template files one level deep.

Since then code has changed, however in wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php, in offsetGet() (from __get()) you'll see:

case 'Template Files' :
    $files = $this->get_files( 'php', 1 );

Although I can't fully unravel the maze of code for loading a theme, the above suggests the second argument, $depth, is still set to only 1 deep for Template Files. Which would coincide with the troubles your experiencing.

You may want to re-think your themes folder structure, and/or your logic for selecting a template.

If you're conditionally checking which template was chosen based on a user selection in the first place, on your conditions using the load_template() andor template_redirect() might help out more than leaving it to Wordpress defaults.


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