i am toying with myCred and would like to reward logged in users for sharing content bringing in visitors. myCred offers affiliate linking by user-id, so I figure, I "only" need to achieve appending the currently logged-in user's user ID to whatever permalink wordpress renders (be they posts, pages, listings, comments, buddypress actions, etc. - wherever a permalink is issued by my site), like so


I've spent the last hours sifting thru many similar Q&As here + trying to adapt what I found to my scenario; alas, I'm rather unskilled at any real programming and hence had no success so far.

I figured out how to check if myCred is active, [if( class_exists( 'myCRED_Core' ) )], how to limit execution to logged in users, how to get the current user's ID [$current_user_id = get_current_user_id();] and that I'll probably have to do something like

$affiliate_url = add_query_arg('mref', $current_user_id, get_permalink());

but I don't know how to make it apply for all links rendered for my site.

Is there a way? Thank you for what help you can provide. Cheers - LX


You can use the_permalink filter.

function wpse_289182_permalink($url) {
        return add_query_arg('mref', get_current_user_id(), get_permalink());
    return $url;
add_filter('the_permalink', 'wpse_289182_permalink');
  • Hello, Jean-Rémi; this already works like a charm, thank you very much. is there a way to extend the scope of this to also encompass permalinks of comments? I have checked and so far it looks like permalinks of comments don't have the mref appended. Is that possible as well? Cheers :) – eLeXeM Dec 26 '17 at 8:37

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