I have a user meta key prize which is an array contains prize type and prize date. The date in unix timestamp. How I can delete the user meta by specify the prize date only?

Example code:

delete_user_meta( $userID, 'prize', $meta_value ); 
$meta_value = array(
    'prize' => array(
         // Add something here like prize date = 1506556467
    ) , 

Key value in the database look like this:

a:2:{i:0;s:17:"prize name";i:1;i:1506556467;}

And what if I want to delete the metakeys if the value in between 2 integer like 1506550000 and 1506550001 for example.

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The $meta_value is optional and I you will be having a unique entry of prize for each user so you can just use the function without $meta_value.

delete_user_meta( $userID, 'prize' ); 

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