I am trying to debug a plugin and am using error_log() in various places to see what various things are. I am using the following:

error_log( print_r( $variable ) );

When I look at debug.log, all I see is 1 and the actual output of the error_log() function is sent to the browser instead.

I know another plugin is not doing this as all are disabled with the exception of the one I am writing and in my wp-config.php I define WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY as false.

The same thing happens if I use var_dump() and var_export() as well. Other functions like gettype() and such are working just fine.

Any way to get the output back into debug.log?


The print_r function accept second parameter for return so it retrun the variable instead of printing it.

print_r($expression, $return)

So you can do

error_log( print_r( $variable, true ) );
  • Thanks. Figured it would be something that simple that I was missing :) – Cedon Dec 17 '17 at 0:17

If your variable is just a string, then you can simply use error_log ( $variable ). If it's an object or an array, other than using print_r(), you can serialize it too:

error_log ( serialize ( $variable ) );

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