I'm trying to get pagination working for my RSS feed.

The issue is that my permalink setup is a custom structure: /%postname%.

  • With permalinks back to default, /?feed=rss2&paged=2 works.

  • But with permalinks on my custom structure, /?feed=rss2&paged=2 redirects to /feed?paged=2 which does not work.

  • Additionally, with the custom structure, /page/2/feed does not work (it redirects to /feed!) although /page/2 works for end-users reading the site.

Is this a bug? I've disabled all plugins and went back to the default theme to confirm the problem.

Long story short, how do you get RSS feed pagination with a custom permalink structure in place?



As an update. It turns out that what I'm trying to do is outside of RSS's specification. So the short answer is "don't do that, use an API".

But had I wanted to hack around that spec, I could

  • Use the Custom Permalinks plugin
  • Go back to the default permalink mode in the site's settings
  • Then the paged parameter would work for a custom RSS feed in my theme.

Overall I'm going with the API, and will just make sure it's secure.

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