I want an admin notice box on all media upload pages. I did that for media library page by code

  add_action( 'load-upload.php', array( $this, 'media_library_message_load' ) );
  public function media_library_message_load(){         
         add_action( 'admin_notices', array( $this, 'media_library_message_display' ) );

  public function wpb_media_library_message_display() {         
            echo '<div class="notice update-nag">
                    <strong>Note: my message </strong>

But i want this message on add media popup screen also . But i am not founding any solution.


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I'm unaware of any hooks that tap in in the pop up, but there might be.

If not, you could use some jQuery to put your message on the pop-up when Add Media is clicked. I was able to with the following:


function myplugin_add_media_popup_notice() {
    jQuery(window).load(function() {

        // the MEDIA buttons you want the notice on
            // give the lightbox half a second to add itself
            setTimeout(myplugin_add_media_popup_notice, 500);

        function myplugin_add_media_popup_notice() {

            // if we haven't added a notice already
            if (!jQuery('body').hasClass('addedMediaPopUp')) {

                // the the notice
                jQuery('.media-frame-router').before('<div class="update-nag notice"><strong>Note: my message </strong></div>');    

                // and mark it to not show again if media btn reclicked
        /* and some css since .notice isn't completely defined at this scope */
        .media-frame .update-nag.notice {
            position: absolute;
            top: -10px;
            right: 40px;
            z-index: 999;
            width: calc(100% - 600px);
            border-left: 3px solid #168fc0;
            box-shadow: 0 0 4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);

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