I've created a custom field called "istituto" in the user profile section that works properly if it is updated within the profile itself.

I have created a custom registration form with a field called "istituto". The submit button of this form is a div with class ".form_acc_2" and the field "instituto" has an id #dhvc_form_control_istituto. I wrote in jquery a code that fetches the value when inserted:

var istituto = '';
   var istituto = jQuery('input#dhvc_form_control_istituto').val();
   if(istituto.length != 0)
   return istituto;   

Now the value is in the variable "instituto". How can I update the custom field "istituto" inside the user profile using the update_user_meta function?

Did I use a wrong approach?

  • I don't understand which value do you want to save in the user meta ?
    – mmm
    Commented Nov 30, 2017 at 12:09
  • the value inside input "istituto" ... here: <input data-field-name="istituto" autocomplete="off" type="text" id="dhvc_form_control_istituto" name="istituto" value="" class="dhvc-form-control dhvc-form-control-istituto dhvc-form-value " placeholder=""> Commented Nov 30, 2017 at 12:42

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ok everything fixed at the time, I modified the oroginal form with "register_form" and then I called the input with that value in my custom form.

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