Issue: I am unable to display ACF custom fields while looping through taxonomies.

I have an ACF text field called 'icon'. After applying it to my custom taxonomy 'topic' (and categories while troubleshooting) it displays as intended on the taxonomy archive page. However when I list the taxonomy on any other page I cannot access the ACF field, just the standard fields.

As this is used globally on several pages, I currently have this in my functions:

$context['topicTax'] = get_terms('topic');

And in the .twig template:

{% for item in topicTax %}
       <p>{{ item.meta('icon') }} {{ item.name }}</p>
{% endfor %}

I have also tried

$context['topicTax'] = Timber::get_terms('topic');
$context['topicTax'] = $topicTax;

but this doesn't display anything.

I found this post to have a similar issue (though not using Timber) but have not managed to replicate the solution.

Though I have been using twig for several years, I am still fairly new to Wordpress, and have skipped straight to Timber. Apologies if I am overlooking something simple.

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In your PHP file...

$context['topicTax'] = Timber::get_terms('topic');
Timber::render('my-template.twig', $context);

... is the correct structure. The problem is that WP's get_terms returns "dumb" objects that don't have methods for retrieving ACF info. If you still run into issues, verify that those objects are Timber\Terms rather than WP_Term

Also, if you're looking for the more active forum: StackOverflow is where I normally manage/do support

  • Thank you for the reply, in the future I will post on StackOverflow. This is something I tried, though after taking your advice I have a different issue. This line of code, or rather adding Timber:: in front of get_terms('topic'); renders the page blank, or not at all. I have tried renaming the variable to topicTaxonomy to make sure there is no conflict elsewhere, and I have tried isolating this to a single page rather than globally in my functions file. Dec 1, 2017 at 7:58
  • Scratch that, while testing I had left behind some broken code. This worked, thank you Jared! Dec 1, 2017 at 8:04
  • You bet, glad it worked!
    – Jared
    Dec 4, 2017 at 2:30

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