I have a site in WordPress, perfectly configured, but I can not configure the CRON for it and its plugins. The WordPress Cron is enabled, but the following message appears in the crontab of the plugins. "** WARNING: Next run time has passed.It should have run 50 minutes ago.Cron problem? **" What worries me most is the BackupBuddy plugin, I can not run out of backups. Backups only work with cron. Can you help me? Does this ok? I do not have experience with backupBuddy and cron jobs. Thanks

  • In order to use cron, WordPress need to make a HTTP request to iself. then you have to verify if HTTP requests are allowed in PHP and if direct requests are possible, that means without htpasswd protection.
    – mmm
    Nov 26, 2017 at 20:05

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I would remove backupbuddy and just not use it at all. You don't need it. You can create a cron job for different types of backups, whether database, your files, etc.

To list current cron jobs on your server, the command is crontab -l and set up a new cron job, its crontab -e.

Setting up a cron job is easy, what you need to learn is the times you need it to run. It would look something like this:

MIN HOUR DOM MON DOW /bin/sh command > /dev/null 2 > & 1
* * * * * /bin/sh command > /dev/null 2 > & 1

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