I'm using a Plugin (boxzilla) to show a Popup with a Newsletter-subscription form, which is connected to mailchimp.

My goal is to grant access to a file, right after entering the email adress (and register to the newsletter).

So far I wrote a script, which should open a link (accoring to stackoverflow-post-3749231), after clicking the submit button of the newsletter-form. But this doesn't work:


<div class="newsletter_popup">
    <div class="newsletter_textbox">
    Some text

    <!-- newsletter form -->
    [mc4wp_form id="1234"]

    <!-- The Download-link -->
    <a href="https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B0jH18Lft7ypSmRjdWg1c082Y2M" download id="download" hidden></a>

// select the button inside the mailchimp form

LINK on Page

<!-- opens the popup 'boxzilla-1' -->
<a href="#boxzilla-1" rel="nofollow">Open Box</a>

FORM ([mc4wp_form id="1234"])

<form id="mc4wp-form-1" class="mc4wp-form mc4wp-form-1234" method="post" data-id="1234" data-name="Newsletter Registration">
  <div class="mc4wp-form-fields">
    <div rel="text" class="popup-newsletter_email">
      <input  type="email" name="EMAIL"  required="">
    <div rel="text" class="popup-newsletter_button">
      <input type="submit" value="Anmelden">

After submit the popup reloads and shows some 'thank-you'-text (mailchimp plugin) I guess I have to place the script somewhere else then? It seems like, I can't access the submit button:

//Doesn't work either
jQuery('#mc4wp-form-1').submit(function(e) {

What is the best practice to achieve this task in general?

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This Blog (http://kevinsandlin.com/require-email-subscribe-download/) and this Plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/email-download-link/) helped me out.

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