My homepage has both products and categories shown. My shop page has only categories shown.

If I change the shop page category height, it changes the product heights also throughout.

I can set the category height on the homepage on its own, as I have placed these in a div and call it from CSS. However I cannot do this for the WooCommerce shop as they are thrown on the shop page automatically.

Here is the CSS I am trying to alter for the shop page only:

.page-id-6602 .storefront ul.products li.product,
.post-6602 .storefront ul.products li.product,
.page-id-6602 ul.products li.product,
.post-6602 ul.products li.product,
.page-id-6602 .site-main ul.products li.product
.post-6602 .site-main ul.products li.product {
    height: 275px !important;
    min-height: 275px;
    max-height: 275px;

but it's still grabbing this from my product heights throughout:

ul.products li.products {
height: 500px;

Any ideas?? Greatly appreciated.

website home page: thailandpoolshop.com

website shop page: thailandpoolshop.com/shop


i thing you have .page-id-6602 .storefront on the body tag so you should be using selector like this .page-id-6602.storefront ul.products li.product

instead of .page-id-6602 .storefront ul.products li.product

also i am not able to access the shop page kindly check.

  • Thanks for your reply, but this had no effect on the shop page. The links at the bottom of the question should work fine. Just tested myself. – Dayley Nov 25 '17 at 6:44
  • where do you get .post-6602?\ – Taj Khan Nov 25 '17 at 9:49

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