Using Wordpress as an intranet. The Wordpress installation is on C however this drive is limited and wanting to use another hard drive on the server (Hard Drive E) for my uploads folder.

Am I able to change the UPLOADS dir via the config or will ABSPATH be an issue and need another work around?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


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If you only want to change the location of the uploads directory (and leave the rest of WordPress on C:), you should be able to define the UPLOADS constant:

define( 'UPLOADS', wp_normalize_path( 'e:\path\to\uploads' ) );

I'd recommend you do this on a test machine first, if at all possible. I'd also recommend you do this in a plugin somewhere — possibly a Must-Use plugin.

Caveat: If you've already got files uploaded, you will probably need to move them manually to the new location. (I'm not sure if, but I suspect that, WordPress will find them there, as long as you maintain the same file names.)


  • Thanks for the help Pat however unfortunately this solution didn't work. We were unable to get the wp-config to read the directory and write to the directory. Not sure if the IIS permissions is our culprit or what. When placing it above the wp-settings we would get a 500 error. When placing it below we would get an error of unable to create directory. Dec 6, 2017 at 1:26

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