What is a proper way to add a list of pages (type: dropdown-pages) using Customizer JS API?

Currently, I have this code but it does not display a control:

api.control.add( new api.Control( 'custom-control', {
  type: 'dropdown-pages',
  section: 'custom-section',
  setting: new wp.customize.Setting( 'custom-control', '0' ),
  label: 'Select Page'
} ) );

If I change the type to, for example, text then the control is shown in the section.

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You're right, that doesn't work… yet. We didn't add support for the dropdown-pages control in #30738 because we wanted to leverage the REST API for this control to fetch the pages. So in 4.9 this is the only base control that requires server-side rendering in core. However, in 4.9 it is easy to provide our own implementation of a content template for the dropdown-pages control.

I've written a standalone example plugin which includes control template for the dropdown-pages control type. With that template included, you can create controls in the same way you are doing here. Follow #42272 for upcoming core implementation.

Alternatively, you may want to consider the Customize Object Selector plugin, as it provides a control which uses Select2 to provide a searchable interface for selecting one or more pages. See example usage in the Customize Posts plugin.

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