If I'm on a singular page, it is quite easy to show the current post URL outside the loop:


If I am on a category page it is quite simple to show the category description outside the loop:


Unless I'm missing something, it is not equally easy to show the current category URL outside the loop - which is strange.

echo get_category_link(); - doesn't work like this.

I need to use my category URL in the <head>, for canonical link, og:url etc. How can I do that?

I did read this question and found that you have to create a new function just to show the current category. Is there any other way to do it?

 * Pass in a taxonomy value that is supported by WP's `get_taxonomy`
 * and you will get back the url to the archive view.
 * @param $taxonomy string|int
 * @return string
function get_taxonomy_archive_link( $taxonomy ) {
  $tax = get_taxonomy( $taxonomy ) ;
  return get_bloginfo( 'url' ) . '/' . $tax->rewrite['slug'];

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On a category archive, get_queried_object_id() will give you the category's ID, which you can pass to get_category_link():

echo get_category_link( get_queried_object_id() );
  • This works! Thank you. You'd be amazed to know that all over the web I have searched, people are creating new functions to show the category url. Your solution is simple and elegant.
    – IXN
    Commented Nov 19, 2017 at 0:46

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