I can always find some class contains theme_setup methods like below, but I never see this methods been called. I don't what's this method for.

  final class InfiniteScroll extends Package {

    protected static $single_instance = null;

    public static function theme_setup() {
        $is = self::get_instance();

        add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array($is, 'infinite_scroll_js') );

     * AJAX Function for infinite scroll
    public function infinite_scroll() {
        ...some implement....

     * Register js for Infinite Scroll
    public function infinite_scroll_js() {
        ...some code here...
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    theme initialisation, pretty sure it's called somewhere, you just have not found it – inarilo Nov 17 '17 at 22:38

Methods in 3rd party plugin and theme classes can be called whatever the author wants them to be called. theme_setup() doesn't mean anything special, and doesn't even necessarily mean the same thing in different plugins.

And since it's not a special method to WordPress, they're never going to be called automatically by WordPress, so the plugin would be calling them somewhere, you just haven't found it. If I had to guess, theme_setup() is a logical name for a method that might be being hooked to after_theme_setup, but there's no guarantee.

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