I am developing a plugin which uses custom post types. When creating a new custom post, I have a number of custom fields in the admin area within a meta box.

Is it possible to display these fields without having them inside the metabox - ideally without having to register a metabox at all? Much like how the title field and content field are displayed in the admin area for posts.

Please no suggestions to use a plugin or manually create a custom field using the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor, I wish to implement this with code. Same with hiding the metabox with CSS etc.

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You could use the 'edit_form_after_title' action or 'edit_form_after_editor' this would out put your html after the title or content respectively.

If i'm working with a custom post type that done not have a content are these are particularly useful and create a really nice look instead of meta boxes.


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