I use get_the_archive_title hook to add a link to my blog tags and categories archives pages.


I just get the title and filter it to include it into an title like this: enter image description here

but it also changes the browser tab title =( enter image description here

How can I avoid this?? Thank you!

  • Quick & Dirty: use debug_backtrace to see who's calling that filter?
    – janh
    Nov 13, 2017 at 9:17
  • yup, called by blog-header.php, any option to return $content when called from there so I don't filter it?
    – Zeko
    Nov 13, 2017 at 11:13

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You could do something like this to see where it was called from:

add_filter("get_the_archive_title", function($val) {
     $backtrace = debug_backtrace();
     foreach($backtrace as $level) {
         if(array_key_exists("file", $level) && preg_match("!that-file\.php$!",  $level["file"]) && array_key_exists("function", $level) && $level["function"] == "get_the_archive_title" ) {
             return "works: $val";
     return "test: $val";
 }, 10, 1);

You'll have to adapt the regexp ("that-file.php") to your needs, and potentially check for another function if it's not done with get_the_archive_title().

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