The Problem:

I try delete the tag generates by a iframe after is loaded.

The iframe is for load a video but then it loads some tags like this <div role="contentinfo" class="dmp_VideoInfo dmp_is-hidden" aria-hidden="true"> the which I need delete

Explain the iframe process

I've inserted this frame in my post:

<iframe width="480" height="270" frameborder="0" src="//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x68s7j8?autoPlay=0&amp;logo=0&amp;related=0&amp;social=0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

Then that the video is loaded, it create a divs with a text I want remove the div with all text.

<div role="contentinfo" class="dmp_VideoInfo"><h1 class="dmp_VideoInfo-title dmp_u-cf"><a class="dmp_VideoInfo-title-text dmp_VideoInfo-item" aria-label="Video title: MORE TEXT with TITLE xD" href="http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxxxxx" target="_blank">VIDEO NAME TEXT #text</a></h1><h3 class="dmp_VideoInfo-duration"><span class="dmp_VideoInfo-duration-text dmp_VideoInfo-item dmp_cursor-default" aria-label="Video duration: 11 minutes, 25 seconds" href="#">TOTAL TIME</span></h3><h2 class="dmp_VideoInfo-owner"><a class="dmp_VideoInfo-owner-text dmp_VideoInfo-item" aria-label="Video owner: Ownername xDD" href="http://www.dailymotion.com/myuser" target="_blank">Ownername xDD</a></h2></div>

What I've tried?

I've used DOM and preg_replace function, with a code like this (in functions.php):

function antiponchada($content) {
    if (is_single()){
        $object = new DOMDocument();
        $xpathobj= new DOMXPath($object);
        $result=$xpathobj->query('div[@class="dmp_VideoInfo"]'); //example only
        foreach($result as $node){
        return $object->saveHTML();
    else {
        return $content;
add_filter("the_content", "antiponchada", 999); // also without 999

and also (the regex is nice, relax.):

function antiponchada($content) {
    if (is_single()){

        $newcontent = preg_replace('/<div role="contentinfo" class="dmp_VideoInfo dmp_is-hidden" aria-hidden="true">.+<\/div>/',"",$content);
        return $newcontent;
    else {
        return $content;

add_filter("the_content", "antiponchada", 999);

What I need?:

I need delete the tags generated after of load the video of the iframe

  • Is this "div" in the content ? look what is in this variable with var_dump($content); e.g.
    – mmm
    Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 18:20
  • @mmm I've edited the post for explain better. Please reload. I want delete a div because contain a text with a link (to the server where I upload the video)
    – Milor123
    Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 18:28
  • 2
    you cant manipulate the html inside the iframe if its third party iframe..
    – Shibi
    Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 20:02

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You can't, it's as simple as that.

Why Not?

First of all, because the DIV is not part of your content. It's either generated by WordPress' filters, or the browser itself. So, you can't do preg_replace on something that doesn't exist.

Secondly, there's a matter of cross-domain policy. It's not possible to manipulate the content of an iframe unless the two webpages belong to the same domain. Anything else, and you will get a security error. This is intentional, and to prevent acts such as spoofing.

For further information, take a look at this link.

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