Hi guys I have a problem, Im trying to import a Wordpress project to my localhost. I did all the required steps like importing the sql databases and changing the config file and whatnot.

So I am now able to enter the Admin portion of the site.

But I get an SSL error or at least what I assume to be an SSL error whenever I try to access the site itself (can't establish secure connection) and the address bar turns from http:// to https://

When I change the theme to twentyseventeen I am able to enter the site.

With this I can conclude that the problem lies within my theme.

I rechecked my wp-config and my .htaccess files and none of them point to any https stuff either! At this point I am completely stumped

So my question is does anyone know what files within the theme affects the SSL stuff?


I agree with Drupalizeme above. Use phpmyadmin and go to wp-options table. you should see a line for siteurl. make sure it does not say HTTPS. There will most likely be a second line for the wordpress site which you should also check. Those two settings are usually in the Settings > General tab in the admin .

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