I find the default reading settings a bit confusing. The way it is shown looks like changes that can be performed all concern the front page / index page and no other page.

Meaning when selecting to show a static page as the front page it will show the about page and content on the front page as well as under that the posts from the chosen page, in this case the sample page. So two content sources that get displayed on the front page under each other.

enter image description here

Changing the Posts page means that the page chosen in the pull down menu is the one where the latest or all posts will be shown under.

This page with posts will not be added to the static front page as the UI suggest under Front page displays.

In order to provide better UX and UI for the users I like to change this section to something like this.

enter image description here

I want to make changes as to how these settings appear and add a written description to it in the dashboard. How do I go about this please? What Wordpress hooks do I need to change that section of the dashboard please?

I found this on the codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Admin_Screen_Reference#Settings.

Some hooks require that the developer append a screen id to the hook name. The reasoning for this is that you often need to target specific admin screens with your hooks, and this allows you that necessary level of control.

And further down I find the ID being Reading Settings options-reading.php options-reading. So is there really no hook that can be used with this ID to makes changes to that file without touching WP core? How could I write a plugin that changes the options-reading.php file?

This might be of interest, it seems the UI of this section has been an active topic for years.

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